Dr. Philip Mwimanzi

Dr. Philip Mwimanzi is a graduate of Dalhousie Dentistry, comes with vast multicultural and dental experience having lived and worked in 3 continents. Dr. Mwimanzi is a member of the Canadian Dental

Association, Ontario Dental Association, and Ottawa Dental Association. Dr. Mwimanzi believes in patient-centered dentistry, with communication and establishing connections with patients as key to arriving at the best treatment goals through the provision of the highest quality standard of care and clinical skills and thus Continuing Dental Education is an integral part of his practice. Dr. Mwimanzi speaks fluent English, Swahili and understands Japanese.

When he is not practicing dentistry Dr. Mwimanzi enjoys spending time playing soccer with his two boys. He is an avid Manchester United fan, he also enjoys hiking, playing basketball and cycling